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Prospektr is founded and run by entrepreneurs. People with a first-hand experience in bringing new products and services to market, with few to no resources, in uncertain environments and without clear paths to success.


Our entrepreneurial journeys were and actually still are, filled with validating our business ideas, finding that elusive product-market fit, getting the right launching customers, hiring qualified team members, convincing investors and of course maintaining our sanities.


For all of these entrepreneurial challenges, we found structure, progress and yes, even some comfort, in the Lean Startup and Innovation Accounting methodology of Eric Ries and Steve Blank.

Their methodologies provided us with a scientific and empirical structure to build and grow our business. It helped navigate effectively through our business uncertainties and most importantly kept the entrepreneurial mindset in the centre of things.


We even started helping fellow startups implementing the same structure and not long after that we even found corporate and government teams asking us to do the same for them.


Seeing companies and their teams stop struggling with their business innovations and finding clarity to finally impact the world around them, as they envisioned from the start, gave us an incredible feeling. We loved being part of that so much so that Prospektr was born.


So feel free to reach out and let us share our insights.


- Ton Foks | Founder of Prospektr.

"A successful business is vision-steered and data-driven but always fueled by an entrepreneurial mindset."

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