"Who is our customer? What problems or needs are we actually solving? What are the minimum requirements for our product or service before they will buy?"

We'll take care of:

Formulating your Business Model assumptions in a verifiable oversight.

Acquiring relevant target-customers to test your problem assumptions.

Setting up and conducting customer discovery interviews.

Customer Discovery

It doesn't matter if your a big corporation, a small startup, a governmental organisation or even a non-profit institution. The first crucial step in developing a sustainable business proposition will always be the process of 'Customer Discovery.'

Why is it a crucial step?
Well, in order to provide a product or service that people actually want, it is vital to reach a deep understanding of your customers and their problems.  This knowledge will translate into a resonating value proposition for your product or service that is actually meaningful to all your customers.

So what is this discovery process exactly?
The primary objective is to identify your first customers. We do this by formulating the main assumptions about who your customer is, the problem or problems you are solving

for your customer and how this customer will do business with you. We then turn those assumptions into hypotheses which we will then test.

What will it bring me?
​The customer discovery process will allow you to narrow down and create a precise value proposition. A validated value proposition is one of the first major building blocks of your business and your business model. It will determine where your time, effort and investments need to go in order to deliver this value proposition to your customers.

A validated target-customer and value proposition identifies your key sales and marketing channels and puts you on the path of scalable and repeatable revenue!


"It doesn't matter whether you're a big corporation or a small startup. The first crucial step will always be customer discovery..."

We'll take care of:

Setting up robust validation experiments to find Product-Market Fit.

Setting up a preliminary sales and marketing roadmap.

Finding and acquiring relevant target-customers to sell your initial product.

"What is our market potential? How do we set up a predictable sales process? Is our value proposition feasible and sustainable? Where are my launching customers?

Customer Validation

Validation will be the next step. After the first step of customer discovery, we should be left with a firm understanding of the problems and needs of your target customer. This will then translate into your value proposition, the core part of your business model.

So what is this validation process exactly?
During this stage, we want to know if our business model will hold it's own in the market. If we now know what our value proposition needs to be, before customers will be even willing to consider doing business with us, we need to know if we can deliver on this proposition. Is our proposition feasible? More importantly, will it be profitable and scalable?

What will it bring me?
The customer validation process aims to validate your sales process and the assumptions that support your business model. We are mainly looking for predictability. This makes sense because before we go full force into the market we want to know if we are going to allocate our time, effort and budgets towards something that creates results. It's sensible to do small experiments first to see which channels and efforts would yield the most outcome in our future sales process.

In the end, the customer validation process will provide you with a validated sales and marketing roadmap to start your exponential business growth!


"It's sensible to do small experiments to see which efforts would yield the most outcome in a future sales process."

"How do we measure progress in a sensible way with innovation? How do I report customer discovery and validation to my stakeholders? How do I know which innovation paths warrant investing my resources? 

We'll take care of:

Training you in the innovation accounting methodology

Setting up a sensible reporting system for your innovation progress.

Helping you evaluate and interpret innovation accounting results.

Innovation Accounting
& Analytics

Innovation Accounting is the process of defining, managing and measuring innovation in an organization. It doesn't matter if you're a startup, corporate or governmental organisation. If you are still testing business ideas, you will need indicators of success and progress that are not directly connected to traditional management performance indicators such as revenue and profit.

Are you saying revenue doesn't matter?
Well, what we are saying is that we need to look at the stage of our product or service development. While still determining whether or not your business idea is worth pursuing, it is sensible to look at KPI's that tell you at an early stage if you are making progress. Traditional performance indicators are only relevant after a sales process is in place. But to navigate the road to get to that stage blindly, will only result in inefficient spending of time and resources. Let alone make for poor investment decisions.

What will it bring me?
Innovation accounting will bring you focus and helps to prioritize work. It will provide valuable business insights at a much earlier stage in a sensible way specific to your product or services. Saving time, money and effort. It will be your method of evaluating progress when all metrics normally used in an established company are effectively zero.

In the end, having a robust and sensible innovation accounting system in place will help you shorten the go-to-market time, help allocate your innovation resources effectively and gives you the tools to report relevant business indicators towards stakeholders.


"In testing new business ideas, you need indicators of success and progress that are not connected to traditional management KPI's..."

We'll take care of:

Providing a tailored business coaching program specific to your skillset.

Organizing relevant and interactive workshops for your team.

Cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset within your organisation.

"What are my core strengths as an entrepreneur? Am I cut out to lead? How do I maintain my vision for the company if it keeps growing? How do I get my team to think more like an entrepreneur?

Coaching & Workshops

In life, we learn. During our corporate and entrepreneurial endeavours, we as a person grow. We take on more and new responsibilities, find ourselves in challenging situations and are participants in an ever faster changing world. A clear head, strong vision and integrate knowledge would benefit in navigating all of the above. 

1 on 1 business coaching

At Prospektr we provide personal business coaches that can objectively assess your skillset as an entrepreneur and help you add skills to your repertoire. We challenge you to think critically and creatively about your business model. We provide objective opinions regarding your business issues at hand. We will simultaneously be your loyal partner-in-crime and your biggest critic.

What does 1 on 1 coaching at Prospektr look like? 
Everything at Prospektr starts with a cup of coffee really, or tea of course. After a good talk about the goals you want to achieve and the current skillset your master, we will provide

you with a tailored business coaching program focused on growth. Both on the personal side as an entrepreneur and on the side of your company. 

Did you mention Workshops in the title?

Ah yes, at Prospektr we do with teams what we do with individual entrepreneurs. Getting them to a broader skillset, cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset and focus on personal and team accountability. We provide workshops in a group setting for both starting companies and experienced corporates.


Tell us how you would want your team to develop, we'll tell you how we'll get there.

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